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Liesel - a brief comment.

Oct 29, 1994 10:04 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Liesel, thanks for your nice note.  You asked to write if I care
to on your comments, and actually there is one small matter that
I would like to clear up, because if I leave it, it would imply
that I agree, and I dont.  So here goes:

Liesel writes<Your belief is that "untoward things" come from the
"dark brotherhood".  My belief is that they somehow come from my
own unconscious.  Having said that, I don't think there is that
much difference between us 2.  You externalize, & I internalize.
You believe that there's a "dark brotherhood" out there, & that
idea helps you to deal with them.  I'm not sure that there's
anything out there, but there's something, & I try to arrange
things within myself>

I am of the belief that what is inside is mirrored on the
outside, and vice versa.  We are all microcosms of the
macrocosmic universe and can only experience outside, what is
already inside us.  The "Darkness" as well as the "Light" are two
sides of the same substance which is both outside and inside all
of us.

I appologise for giving you the wrong idea about my beliefs.

Jerry S.

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