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Theosophy and modern art

Oct 27, 1994 10:24 PM
by Andrew Rooke

Just a short addendum to the interesting discussion on this
subject.  California artist Wynne Wolff researched the subject of
spirituality and modern art extensively in the late 80s.  He
lectured on the subject at the Theosophical Library centre at
Altadena and produced a booklet and slide set entitled
"Philartsophy".  I understand that he was working on a video and
book on this subject which may be available now.  We have the
original booklet and slide set in our library in Melbourne,
Australia, however, US residents should contact John Van Mater
Snr Librarian of the Theosophical University Library in Pasadena
for information on this project and contact with Wynne Wolff.

With good wishes to all,
Andrew Rooke - TS(Pasadena) Australia

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