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There *is* a TS yoga

Jul 20, 1996 03:28 PM
by Martin_Euser


You stated that there doesn't exist
a TS yoga. This is a bit to my amazement. In fact, there are several
powerful exercises of a Raja Yoga type which are being practiced by
some people (theosophists and non-theosophists) I know  (I practice these
exercises too).

For brevity I will only mention them here (a fuller description of some
of these can be found in my article: 'The psychological key to man'
which you can retrieve at Spirit-www:  (see Theosophy section;Theosophy_basics(2))

- the famous Pythagorean exercise of looking back at the events of the day

- the well-known method of building a picture (concretization of a spiritual
object) in your mind, and let it work on your psyche. Very powerful
   method, recommended by many spiritual Schools. Fuller description:
   see my article.

- AUM-meditation. Recommended by HPB, G de Purucker and others
  (reverberation of the sound in the skull, different pitches possible
   with different effects, visualization of a specific color can be used
   too in this meditative process). In Theosophical literature it is said
   not to perform this exercise when one is in an angry mood. 
   HPB gave this meditation to her students (pitch = mi (E);color=yellow
   [color of buddhi]- this combination for soothing, calming effect on aura;
   I sometimes try it and it sure works!

- Several other ('theosophy approved') meditations I know of:

  . considering ideas from different angles; trying to contemplate the 
    different aspects of situations, events, relations, etc.
    This is a practical exercise which is applicable to daily life.
    It is useful in order to develop a more nuanced way of looking at
    things (going beyond black-or-white evaluations)
  . Abstract meditations about the Buddha-nature; pondering about
    the wholeness of life (Judge gives this exercise, he describes it
    more fully)

- simple breathing exercises (this is simply to practice a more wholesome
  breathing habit [deeper breathing from belly] - I read about one variant
in     Vitvan's writings, but there are other variants. I would have to look
it up     though. Generally (in TS) breathing exercises are considered to be
  but I don't consider a wholesome breathing as a  particular hatha-yoga

- A host of simple meditations can be found through the internet.
  I have mentioned some in my newage FAQ (see eg. White Eagle's third circle
meditations (also for individuals)

- Feeling type of exercises 
  These may not be 'theosophy approved', but there are simple methods
  of registering vibrations of sense-impressions without forming
  an image in the mind (an automatic habit of the mind).
  I found a type of this exercise in Vitvan's writings together with
  other valuable exercises, most of which are connected to forming new
  patterns of identification (and unlearning old habits) regarding
  the energy-consciousness behind sense impressions.
  If you are interested in all this stuff I can give you references
  as where to find this information.

- One of the most powerful 'exercises' is living life in a spiritual
  way: the Bhagavad Gita recommends action without desiring the fruits
  of the action. This advice may not be meant for 'newcomers' on the Path
 (people can benefit from this practice immensely if they're ready for it,
  but this advice has deeper significance when one is firmly established
  on the Path - this is my interpretation, although I've seen similar
  interpretations in spiritual literature). 
One added note: if people are asking about techniques for the explicit
purpose of developing psychic powers - well, you know what the opinion is on
that in Theosophical circles (and in some other spiritual organizations I
know of).
One can do that - but there is a danger of an inflated ego, blocking
progress to the more spiritual realms. IOW, there's a rationale for
deemphasizing psychic powers - if they come, fine, but don't be blinded
by them.


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