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Re: There *is* a TS yoga

Jul 20, 1996 06:22 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Sat, 20 Jul 1996, Martin_Euser wrote:

> Bee:
> You stated that there doesn't exist
> a TS yoga. This is a bit to my amazement. In fact, there are several
> powerful exercises of a Raja Yoga type which are being practiced by
> some people (theosophists and non-theosophists) I know  (I practice these
> exercises too).


I belong to the school of thought in theosophy that believes that first 
things should come first. First contact with one's Higher Self, and 
then--as a natural outcome of the contact--a lot of wonderful things like 
intuition, siddhis, and so forth.

So for me and for some others in the theosophical movement the main 
criterion to judge wheter or not a TS yoga exists, is to see if 
theosophy offers any means of making the contact. 

This perspective on TS yoga elevates the whole issue to the level where 
it properly belongs.


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