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Response to Jerry S on Purity/Theos

Jul 20, 1996 06:14 PM
by Keith Price

Subject: Re: Purity and theosophy

> Without the descent into matter,  there can
>be no spiritual self-consciousness, no lessons of love and hate, 
>pain and bliss, knowledge and ignorance.

	This may be the "party line," Keith, but I believe that
this is simply not true.  There are lots of spiritual entities
who know about love, and who have no need of incarnating.
Jerry's Rule: We reincarnate because we want to, not because
we have to.

	Jerry S.

I think this is another of the core beliefs that might be considered and I am
sure working on my 'take" on this rationalization for all the suffering, pain
and unfairness of the world, not to mention all the sentient beings with
nothing better to do than run around and eat each other so they can breed and
make more entities that run around and eat each other .....  Yeah, Chuck,
NATURAL BORN KILLERS has theosophical and philisophical overtones in a
satiriacal sort of way,  it says that giving people a "second chance to
transform" is only inviting more devolution all around (killing) as this is the
karma serial killer and hard core criminals bring with them in order to teach
us, that though it is possible to be totally selfish, that is not really the way
to go.  Here I am doing it again, putting it all in a "feel good" context that
behin the darkest act lies a silver karmic lession!

I assume Jerry that you are referring to Enochian type angels, or Kabalisticc
sepiroth who are in the archetypal world and are a direct face of Ain Soph and
that these angelic beings have never been  tainted by negativity on the lowest
material plane.  They have never fallen and are unmoved by sensuality as the
demons are attracted.

Could be!  I would like to think there is so reason for us to go through all of
this (life) besides learning that we really don't want to be going through all
of this!

Keith Price

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