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Psychogenesis - Tell us more

Jul 20, 1996 06:14 PM
by Keith Price

Now, I think I have some bad news for any new "Messenger" waiting in the
wings:  You will not be able to "invent" ~Psychogenesis~ from scratch.  It is
already a principal component of THE SECRET DOCTRINE and related writings.
 HPB simply did not name it as such.  When she talks about ~Manvantara~,
~Fohat~ etc., she is talking Cosmogenesis; when she talks about Rounds,
Root-Races etc., she is talking Anthropogenesis; however, when she talks
about ~kama-manas~, higher/lower ego etc. she is simply talking Psychogenesis
without bothering to categorize it with a separate term. 
No, while I have some serious doubts that she had a complete grasp on the
sequential ("psychomaturational") pattern the ~I am~ follows as its new
possibilities for egoic delusions unfold, I have no doubt whatever that when
HPB was talking consciousness, she was talking Psychogenesis.

And as compared with Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis, at least you can ~do~
something with a little understanding of Psychogenesis.  For starters, you
can learn to recognize both your own and other people's egoic ("semi-Self")
indulgences; thus, you can avoid many mistakes resulting from some
"ego-of-the-moment"--your own or someone else's--trying to gain ascendancy
over other egos-of-the-moment in a similar "strata" of differentiated
consciousness.  In short, an understanding of Psychogenesis can help you in
the Actual Work. 


This is a very exciting insight and it seems we are further "linked" by our
desire to apply some things a la the Celestine Prophecy approach concerning
people draining each other spirititual by ego games of dominance, passivity,
withdrawl, anger and manipulations of all kinds.

Please explain this concept and how your saw it in the SD.  I think we relate to
people on each of the seven levels, but tend to control them basically by fear
and intimidation and some people like management types are very good at this.
Yet we need a psychological defense so that we are constantly being vampirized
of our spiritual energy without are consent and mutual replenishment.


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