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Re: Response to Jerry S on Purity/Theos

Jul 21, 1996 02:46 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> I am sure working on my 'take" on this rationalization for all the suffering,
>and unfairness of the world, not to mention all the sentient beings with
>nothing better to do than run around and eat each other so they can breed and
>make more entities that run around and eat each other .....  Yeah, Chuck,

Keith, one of the weird things about this mortal life of ours is that
we have to kill other living beings in order to live ourselves.  Our
physical body needs the bodies of other beings (and yes, plants
are living beings too) in order to survive.  It seems cruel, but it
is all about sacrifice, and how we have to sacrifice ourselves
in order for others to live, or sacrifice others in order for ourselves
to live.  So, murder is unavoidable.

>I assume Jerry that you are referring to Enochian type angels, or Kabalisticc
>sepiroth who are in the archetypal world and are a direct face of Ain Soph and
>that these angelic beings have never been  tainted by negativity on the lowest
>material plane.
	Yes, those and more.  The gods and goddesses of Tibetan
Buddhism come to mind as well.  But even the gods will eventually
reincarnate.  Life is an adventure, and all part of our inherent desire
to express ourselves.

>Could be!  I would like to think there is so reason for us to go through all of
>this (life) besides learning that we really don't want to be going through all
>of this!
	Are we having fun yet?
	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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