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Re: There *is* a TS yoga

Jul 20, 1996 04:15 PM
by Bee Brown

Martin_Euser wrote:
> Bee:
> You stated that there doesn't exist
> a TS yoga. This is a bit to my amazement. In fact, there are several
> powerful exercises of a Raja Yoga type which are being practiced by
> some people (theosophists and non-theosophists) I know  (I practice these
> exercises too).

Many thanks for all this info. I shall have a good look.
What I meant was that there seems to be no official TS method that beginners 
can practice. There is the ES but that is for certain people only as I 
understand. Dipping into all the areas you mentioned to find the appropriate 
way is fine for seasoned Theosophists who know where to look but to actually 
take some of these and weave them into a method and then teach them to 
newcomers will probably result in a slap on the knuckles. I personally would 
find such a method great for passing on to the young students who come in 
looking for that. 

> - the famous Pythagorean exercise of looking back at the events of the day

that is the one I found in the Rosicrusian book and gave that to the young 
woman who came yesterday.

Big snip.
> One added note: if people are asking about techniques for the explicit
> purpose of developing psychic powers - well, you know what the opinion is on
> that in Theosophical circles (and in some other spiritual organizations I
> know of).
> One can do that - but there is a danger of an inflated ego, blocking
> progress to the more spiritual realms. IOW, there's a rationale for
> deemphasizing psychic powers - if they come, fine, but don't be blinded
> by them.

I agree with what you say and would not get involved in that area and I am 
quite open with people about that. I will ponder on all this and see what I 
can come up with.
Many thanks
> Martin

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