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Jul 20, 1996 04:52 PM
by Keith Price


He who would hear the voice of Nada,(2) the "Soundless Sound", and
comprehend it, he has to learn the nature of Dharana.(3)

Having become indifferent to objects of perception, the pupil must seek out
the Rajah of the [2] senses, the Thought-Producer, he who awakes illusion.

The Mind is the great Slayer of the Real.

Let the Disciple slay the Slayer.


Jim, or someone can you upload a glossary for the Sanskrit terms.  I  am cofused
about Dharana, is it Dharma or what?    Nada is another one for me.  We are
already getting into an opposition between the senses and the mind, as opposed
to the REAL.  I think "slay the slayer" is a borrowed quote.  What about make
the sense and Mind servant too, messenger of, and vehicle for the REAL?  I will
meditate on these quotations from VOS.

Soundless Sound seems to be hinting at the intuition perceiving the Real
(introverted consciousness), as opposed to the senses perceiving the Illusory
(because the senses produce a faulty image reconstruced by the Thought-producer
(extroverted consciousness).  What is transparent to both, the introverted and
extroverted attitude?  Jung called it the transcended function which provides
sudden answers and help in the most depressing and tragic circumstance.  The
VOICE OF THE SILENCE might be similar to the transcendent function or the voice
of the Holy Spirit (Greek pneuma) in the Christian tradition.



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