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Jul 20, 1996 04:53 PM
by Keith Price

Although I said I wasn't interested in historical issues, I did say I would do
what I wanted so:

Blavatsky :

The original Precepts are engraved on thin oblongs; copies very often on
discs. These discs, or plates, are generally preserved on the altars of the
temples attached to centres where the so-called "contemplative" or Mahayana
(Yogacharya) Schools are established. They are written variously, sometimes
in Tibetan but mostly in ideographs. The sacerdotal language (Senzar),
besides an alphabet of its own, may be rendered in several modes of writing
in cypher characters, which partake more of the nature of ideographs than
of syllables. Another method (lug, in Tibetan) is to use the numerals and
colors, each of which corresponds to a letter of the Tibetan alphabet
(thirty simple and seventy-four compound letters), thus forming a complete
cryptographic alphabet. When the ideographs are used there is a definite
mode of reading the text; as in this case the symbols and signs used in
A S T R O L O G Y  [caps mine] namely, the twelve zodiacal animals and the seven
colors, each a triplet in shade, i.e. the light, the primary, and the dark
- stand for the thirty-three letters of the simple alphabet, for words and
sentences. For in this method, the twelve "animals" five times repeated and
coupled [iii] with the five elements and the seven colors . . .


I have long thought that the sacradotal language called Senzar by HPB was a
blind for astrological symbolism combined with hints from the sacred art,
poetry, literature, scriptures and even MUSIC gleaned from her travel and
research(notice all the talk about SOUNDS (Nada, AUM chant/mantra etc).  

She does do her "thing" at the beginning by buttressing her authority by
claiming physical sources, yet she allows herself an out and personal
responsibility by claiming it rephrased in her own VOICE for our ears, so to

Nevertheless, her format creates a since of importance and expectancy in this
reader for one


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