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Re: There *is* a TS yoga

Jul 20, 1993 11:48 PM
by Ozren Skondric

Martin_Euser wrote:
> - simple breathing exercises (this is simply to practice a more wholesome
>   breathing habit [deeper breathing from belly] - I read about one variant
> in     Vitvan's writings, but there are other variants. I would have to look
> - Feeling type of exercises
>   These may not be 'theosophy approved', but there are simple methods
>   of registering vibrations of sense-impressions without forming
>   an image in the mind (an automatic habit of the mind).
>   I found a type of this exercise in Vitvan's writings together with
>   other valuable exercises, most of which are connected to forming new
>   patterns of identification (and unlearning old habits) regarding
>   the energy-consciousness behind sense impressions.
>   If you are interested in all this stuff I can give you references
>   as where to find this information.

Could you please point me to the exact title where this things can be 
found. I got the Vitvan's URL but I just can't seam to find it since 
there is so much stuff.

Thank you    


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