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Re: There *is* a TS yoga - reply to Martin

Jul 23, 1993 11:45 PM
by Ozren Skondric

>  Nevertheless, you can find some valuable
> ideas concerning the frequency-energy-world and conscious abstraction in the
> ~Christos~, ~Cosmology~, ~on psychic nature~ and ~Introduction
> into semantics~. If I find it (I will look for it when I have time for that;
> I have downloaded all articles and Gifs) I will let you know!
> BTW, which country do you live in? I've been wondering about the '.si'
> country code.
> Martin

Thank you for your respond Martin. I think you're doing a great job
Informing people about Vitvan's material. I  downloaded all of the
material my self and I'm now slowly reading it.
About the ;si.+  I live in the country called Slovenia witch use to be
part of Yugoslavia but it s an independent country now. I hope that
justifies my bad English.


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