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Re: There *is* a TS yoga - reply to Ozren

Jul 23, 1996 12:30 PM
by Martin_Euser

Could you please point me to the exact title where this things can be 
found. I got the Vitvan's URL but I just can't seam to find it since 
there is so much stuff.

Thank you  

	Ozren, I have a way of browsing quickly through large collections
of materials. It enables me to get a quick impression of the scope
and depth of someone's writings. I have been looking where these exercises
can be found, but in all those megabytes of articles, I seem not to be
able to find it again right now. I have read only certain parts of several
articles, and have certainly not digested it all. It has been most gratifying
to read something really spiritual and *original* written *after* world war II!

 Nevertheless, you can find some valuable 
ideas concerning the frequency-energy-world and conscious abstraction in the
~Christos~, ~Cosmology~, ~on psychic nature~ and ~Introduction
into semantics~. If I find it (I will look for it when I have time for that;
I have downloaded all articles and Gifs) I will let you know!

BTW, which country do you live in? I've been wondering about the '.si'
country code.


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