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Re: There *is* a TS yoga - reply to Martin

Jul 25, 1993 10:43 PM
by Ozren Skondric

Martin_Euser wrote:
>         It's great that Theosophy gets some attention from people from Slovenia
> through the internet! Do you have TS lodges in Slovenia?
> Your English is ok. If anyone doesn't understand a particular thing you say
> s/he can ask you. That's a part of the communicative process and this is
> an international list so people will take that into account.
> Regards
> Martin

There are two TS-Adyar lodges in Slovenija I think. I attended a lecture
given there once but the lecturer was so very confused that I never came
back. Its not like I didnt understand what she was talking about but
it was presented with no sense of concept at all. But I em not
discouraged so easily so I will go there again when they announce public
lecture again. Im in no hurry since this theosophy stuff is still quite
new to me and I still have a lot of basic reading to do.
By the way did I understood it right that there is some material (other
than VOS) on theos-roots or somewhere that can be obtained by e-mail. If
that is so could somebody tell me how can I do it.
One more thing If it ever seams like my posts lack politeness its just
because I dont know how to express it in English.

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