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Re: There *is* a TS yoga - reply to Ozren

Jul 25, 1996 04:23 PM
by Martin_Euser

Ozren>Thank you for your respond Martin. I think you're doing a great job
Informing people about Vitvan's material. I  downloaded all of the
material my self and I'm now slowly reading it.
About the ;si.+  I live in the country called Slovenia witch use to be
part of Yugoslavia but it s an independent country now. I hope that
justifies my bad English.

        It's great that Theosophy gets some attention from people from Slovenia
through the internet! Do you have TS lodges in Slovenia?
Your English is ok. If anyone doesn't understand a particular thing you say
s/he can ask you. That's a part of the communicative process and this is
an international list so people will take that into account.

>  Ozren



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