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Re: Purity and theosophy

Jul 20, 1996 03:25 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Thus one often hears that CWL is to be dismissed because he was " impure" in
>suggestions to  adolescent  boys.  HPB has been accused of all kind of things
>from being a total virgin to a spy, to a lesbian (which I have no idea what to
>believe so I leave it up to other like K Paul to keep digging). 

	Worrying about the purity of historical figures is a lot like
worrying about the purity of food, the purity of our neighbors, and
so on.  It all comes from our own inner fears and prejudices, and
from what we have stored up in own shadow.  CWL was right to
teach sex to older children (16 or older) but wrong to touch them.
HPB's teachings will not stand or fall on her sexual outlets, at 
least for me.  I really don't care much is she was a lesbian or a
celibate--which could be much worse) (she was of age to make 
such decisions).  Activation of spiritual forces almost always 
charges the Root Center (muladhara) and Sex Center (svadhisthana)
and one becomes sexy in spite of oneself.  This is why gurus tend 
to get into sexual trouble.  Its how we handle such phenomena that 
count.  And repression is not an option.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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