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it's over!!!!

Jul 20, 1996 02:48 PM
by Drpsionic

Well, convention and summer school are over and it is going to take me a few
days to recover my lost sleep, because I'm not used to getting up in the
morning and going to bed at night.  That is not the natural order of things
for us vampires.
Anyway, Friday was a pretty dull day, with the usual talks and the Ritual of
the Musty Star in the evening.  I don't quite know what to say about that.
 Personally, ritual that does fulfill a specific purpose, like bring money,
curse the neighbors or cause the assisstants to become possessed by the
twenty-two spirits of the Qlipoth seems like a total waste of time and this
ritual the worst waste of time.  But there are those who seem to get
something out of it.  I am just not one of them and if Gerda were not stuck
as holy thuringer I would not have gone to it.
Today there were the last two morning talks and then everyone prepared to
head for home.  Gerda and I drove the Gullo's to the airport, to the minor
consternation of Jeff Gresco who had planned to put them on the van and he
was a little unhappy that he had not been told, but Gabe, the van driver was
and Jeff was just being overworked.  Everyone on staff is during convention.
In retrospect, I went with my daggers sharpened, expecting a confrontation on
a number of levels, ranging from the personal reaction of some of the powers
that be to my postings on this board and the creation of alt.theosophy, to a
possible brawl over the by-laws, to an attempt by Radha to crack down on the
freedom of theosophists.  None of the above happened.  On the contrary, it
was one of the nicest gatherings in years and Radha was the soul of grace.
 Sure, I could live without the talking pig, but then I would not have
expected John to include Natural Born Killers, a movie that is more to my
liking and the disaster Thursday night was, well, something that happens
every year at least once.
The Moonlight Sonata will never sound the same to me as I will always
remember it being played in the Olcott Library last Tuesday. 
This week was a respite I have needed.  Now I go back to fight the battle of
my life and one that I may lose.  But if I do, I will know that the last
convention of the TSA I attended was the best.

Chuck the Heretic

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