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Phenomenon of Powder Pig

Jul 20, 1996 12:12 PM
by Keith Price

I am so pleased to find fellow thesophist who see theosophical themese in
movies.  I believe many artists want to lift the film medium to the highest
level by simple story telling called PARABLES.  Didn't Jesus tell the story of a
man whose demons lept into a pig and they jumped over a cliff, the mustard seed
and lotus are good enough for some.   I have to catch up on my movies.  Favorite
movies with "theosophical?" themes:
2001, Island of Dr. Moreau, Wizard of Oz, Fantasia (seven songs for seven
levels), Little Buddha, almost all of Disney's fairy tales,  etc. .....

Max as far as the discussion goes, I say don't get MAD get some HEADROOM

Keith Price

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