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Re: Phenomenon of Powder Pig

Jul 20, 1996 12:28 PM
by Shaman

> I am so pleased to find fellow thesophist who see theosophical themese in
> movies.  I believe many artists want to lift the film medium to the highest
> level by simple story telling called PARABLES.  Didn't Jesus tell the story of a
> man whose demons lept into a pig and they jumped over a cliff, the mustard seed
> and lotus are good enough for some.   I have to catch up on my movies.  Favorite
> movies with "theosophical?" themes:
> 2001, Island of Dr. Moreau, Wizard of Oz, Fantasia (seven songs for seven
> levels), Little Buddha, almost all of Disney's fairy tales,  etc. .....

If you re really interested in movies of that nature, try "Resurrection", 
"My Life", "Defending Your Life" and even "The Neverending Story." 

Any more recommendations? 

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                                                my dog thinks I am."

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