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Re: Consolation Prizes

Jul 20, 1996 12:32 PM
by Bee Brown wrote:
Big snip....

> On the other hand, what is your benefit in knowing about some "Lunar Chain,"
> the "Lemurians" or a trillion other obscure details on the same order?  How
> can such knowledge actually ~improve~ your life?  Can it give you more
> energy, intelligence, power, longevity, charisma, sensitivity, or good
> health?  More importantly, can it make you ~happy~?  Most importantly, can it> improve your Self-awareness?
> No, I don't think so.  There is a significant sense in which Cosmogenesis and> Anthropogenesis may be just ~pure knowledge just for its own sake~.  It 
is> interesting to think you may know how things work on the macro-scale or
> translifetime dimension, but it is doubtful whether such knowledge will help> you with the personal developments which can lighten the earth-globe on 
your> back enough so that you can start ~playing~ with it. . . .

I am afraid I disagree with you here. I used to see it that way until I 
became intrigued with a idea that lead me into anthropogenesis and I made the 
effort to understand it and I am still at it. 
The concept of the huge time span involved with the rounds and the evolution 
of the monads has produced a sense of spacious freedom. This life that seemed 
to get hemmed in at times has expanded and the urgency to do this or that has 
gone. I still do all the things I did before but the attitude has changed to 
a relaxed way of living. When I get myself in a tizz, which I still do from 
time to time, then I realise that I have stepped back into the little time 
frame and so remind myself to expand it again. Having learned that the 
Manapasutras did not enliven the mind-stuff of all of the human forms at the 
same time, that some were enlivened at a later time, has caused me to allow 
people to be what they are here and now without getting exasperated by the 
silliness of some of the people I know. I can deal with crime and such things 
within my rather sensitive reality and understand rather that try to ignore 
it. These are just some of the changes that have become obvious over the year 
or so that I have been involved with the 'consolation prizes'. I remember 
reading an article by HPB in an old Theosophical Path where she says that it 
isn't so important to come to grips with Cosmo and Anthro but the attempt of 
trying, expands the spiritual ability of the person's mind. It is an exercise 
in mind expansion so to speak. It increases the minds ability to understand 
abstract thought in the spiritual realms which seems necessary to arrive at 
the intuitional level thought. If you really want to know about what she 
says, I can lay my hands on it, I think.

Regards, Bee
> No, for this you need Psychogenesis.  Thus, I am hopeful that Paul's passing
> inclusion of "depth psychology" with the "bathwater" of the PTP was not
> referring to Psychogenesis.  Knowing him, it probably wasn't.  Considering
> that the "hydrogen/Oneness" post it was embedded in seemed like a stroke of
> genius to me, it probably ~definitely~ wasn't. . . .
> Godspeed,
> Richard Ihle

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