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Response to Alan

Oct 22, 1999 07:00 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>If this is true - and in its own way it seems to me to offer no better
"answer" than creation ex nihilo by some god or another - then this
world can only get worse.  Also, in its own way, it is just as
simplistic as the "creator-god" explanation.
Sorry about that, if you believe it.

Alan, it is not a question of truth or falsehood. Blavatsky
gave us a model. Tibetan Buddhism gives us a model.
Christianity gives us a model.  There are lots and lots of
models. As we "progress" through evolution and experience
we cast away old models and accept new ones that seem
to better fit our experience. I think that is about all that
we can do.  I am a bit of a mystic and prefer the Buddhist
model of karma=creator because I see this model as
giving me some degree of responsibility and control.
Those folks who are more religious make good devotees
and do well with the god=creator model (which gives us
little responsibility and all control is via prayer). The modern
Theosophical model is in between, giving us some control
and responsibilty over our own lives while giving more
worldly control to a hierarchy of gods and goddesses.

In mathematics an "elegant" solution to any problem is
one that is simplistic. Einstein's energy equals mass
times light speed is a good example. Somehow I think
that we will find that ultimate Truth (whatever that is)
is also very simplistic and therefore elegant.

When I criticize folks on this list for what they say, it is
usually because my own experience has suggested to
me that they are living with an outdated model (i.e,
outdated relative to me) and I feel the need to shake
them up a bit so that they will see the holes in it
themselves and move on to a better model.

If you can find holes in the Buddhist karma=creator
model, then please do so and I will listen. My own
model suggests that creativity itself is an inherent
divine characterisitic of the Monad, because this
is the only way that I can logically explain creation
to myself. Once creation=manifestation begins,
then karma takes over. It works for me, but
probably only because every other model I have
looked at has even worse flaws.

Belief is a funny thing. It is, on the one hand,
terribly important for us humans to belive in
something. The placebo effect in medical testing
is about 20%, which shows the power of belief.
I learned a long time ago that healing comes
from belief, and it dosen't much matter what
you believe in, its the belief itself that heals.
On the other hand we tend to dismiss belief
as "mere" or imaginary as contrasted to what we
like to think of as "truth." I have discovered that
my own beliefs change as my view of truth changes
and will likely continue to do so.

Jerry S.

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