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Response to Alan

Oct 16, 1999 11:16 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>I suppose one *can* - but it don't make us look good, do it? OTOH, if
one's perception of this or that leader of any TS is that he or she is
an umnitigated asshole, what is one supposed (theosophically) to do,
when we proclaim that there is no religion higher than truth - a
statement I am coming to perceive increasingly as plain daft.  Pilate
was no fool when has asked, "What is truth?">>

Agreed. Truth is the elephant that we blind people feel parts of
and thus can never agree on.

I don't have a problem with calling a Leader an asshole. But to call
him/her a black magician is a bit much.  You have called CWL
a liar, and from your perception he was. But I never heard you say
he was black magician (maybe he wasn't smart enough for that??)
etc. And to say that someone disrupted the TS and caused a
drop in membership is only stating historical facts. I only usually
jump in when I feel someone is going over the line with their emotions.
There are no easy answers here. Since I am a member of Pasadena
and have met, and have great respect and admiration for, both
Grace Knoche and Alan Donant, I can't help but defending them.

Jerry S.

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