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Re: Response to Alan

Oct 22, 1999 05:22 PM
by Alan

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> From: Gerald Schueler <>
> Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 3:00 PM
> Subject: Response to Alan

> Alan, it is not a question of truth or falsehood>
> If you can find holes in the Buddhist karma=creator
> model, then please do so and I will listen.

I thought I had found at least one hole. As you presented it, it seemed
to me to be a circular argument depending more upon a given premise than
an empirically-based opinion or working hypothesis.

> My own
> model suggests that creativity itself is an inherent
> divine characterisitic of the Monad, because this
> is the only way that I can logically explain creation
> to myself. Once creation=manifestation begins,
> then karma takes over. It works for me, but
> probably only because every other model I have
> looked at has even worse flaws.

How does creation=manifestation *begin*?  This is another "given" based
upon a model.  Is not the only certainty simply that things happen?
> I have discovered that
> my own beliefs change as my view of truth changes
> and will likely continue to do so.

How do you conduct your research?  Can you offer verifiable evidence to
support your model(s)?

I am genuinely curious, and not trying to score points or play mind


> Jerry S.
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