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Re: Internet in India:TS-Adyar

Sep 20, 1999 02:23 AM
by hesse600

Hi all,

> This guy who heads the Ingram Micro When he was at AT&T,
he was known as Juice because he would invite people
 to join him at his office not for cup of coffee but a
glass of juice - vegetable or fruit -- and he had ample
supply at hand at all times. >
> I think here is a man who understood what is going on and was able to break
the traditional thinking and setup. It also reminds me of
Krishnamurti who always when discussing anything with
anyone or a group will say let us discuss together as
friends -- an indication of meeting and acting on the
"level' -- as equals. Does not these things display
practice of Brotherhood/Sistehood/Siblinghood -- the first
object of TS? >

> May be some of these instances give us hints of the way
things will be done in the next millenium. The Victorian
thinking is dead.>

Funny thing is, when you study the way HPB did her work:
she hardly gave any lectures (except in the New York-days),
but her house was always open to stray visitors to discuss
things with her, and those people were certainly not only
her admirers.
Every time Radha Burnier, Mary Anderson and Kim Dieu do not
turn up for the group discussions they organize for the
rest of us, I am more or less vaguely disappointed. I
always ask myself whether there is some difficult
philosophy behind it, or wether they just feel *too good*
for it. Or do they just think that they will not learn
anything and that therefore there is no reason to go? Which
might stop them from lecturing as easily...
To be fair: I have been in a discussiongroup with Mary once
and in a discussion-week with Kim once too.


And yes Alan, obviously we are in this for theosophy. Just
for the record... (and for those reading but not responding
officials on this list ;-) )

NHL Leeuwarden

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