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Re: Internet in India:TS-Adyar

Sep 21, 1999 04:53 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

hesse600 wrote:
> Funny thing is, when you study the way HPB did her work:
> she hardly gave any lectures (except in the New York-days),
> but her house was always open to stray visitors to discuss
> things with her, and those people were certainly not only
> her admirers.

	Running the risk of giving Doss new ideas, that was a common practice
back then. One of the things mailing lists like this do is give us the
equivalent of the old "salon".

> Every time Radha Burnier, Mary Anderson and Kim Dieu do not
> turn up for the group discussions they organize for the
> rest of us, I am more or less vaguely disappointed. I
> always ask myself whether there is some difficult
> philosophy behind it, or wether they just feel *too good*
> for it. Or do they just think that they will not learn
> anything and that therefore there is no reason to go? Which
> might stop them from lecturing as easily...

	Well, note that in Blavatsky's time, the spiritual and temporal
leadership of the Theosophical Society were split (something which I
think is vital for any spiritual organization). I figure if the
Mahtama's can't find a single person who can handle both duties, how the
hell can we? In any case, they are temporal leaders of the TS, not
spiritual leaders (although they may interfere in spiritual matters,
disregarding the Mahatma's advice to Olcott), and might feel that their
presence would actually block the free flow of ideas (would you want to
discuss Theosophy to someone who can dissolve your entire national
section on a whim?).

	Bart Lidofsky

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