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Re: Interested?

Sep 19, 1999 08:07 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

JRC wrote:
> Hey y'all!
> Just wondering if anyone's in the mood for a discussion of practical
> Theosophy ...

	Excellent idea; much more interesting than politics, in my opinion....

> 1. What's the most interesting spiritual topic you've studied in the last
> year? Most interesting book you've read?

	I have been researching the connection between the neo-pagan movement
and Theosophy. I have found that the "neo" in "neo"-pagan is almost
entirely derived from Theosophy, and the "pagan" part seems to be just
window dressing from a past that never existed. Noteable in the books I
have read has been Silver Ravenwolf's TEEN WITCH, which is aimed towards
teenagers who have seen movies like THE CRAFT and television shows like
CHARMED, and want to become witches; this teaches them what the "Wiccan"
religion is really about, and has a very healthy dose of Theosophical
thinking. I have given talks on Theosophy in neo-pagan conventions, and
find a lot of interested ears.

> 2. What was the most interesting service you rendered? The most successful?

	Successful is easy; I got my company to donate old computers to a group
that rehabilitates computers and teaches the disadvantaged how to use
computers and donates computers and Internet services to not-for-profit
organizations. The most interesting? Hard to say. I'll have to get back
on that one.

	Thanks again for an interesting topic; I'm looking forward to what
others have to say.

	Bart Lidofsky

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