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Re: Interested?

Sep 20, 1999 04:10 AM
by Murray Stentiford

JRC wrote

>Just wondering if anyone's in the mood for a discussion of practical
>Theosophy ...
>Anyone the feels like it ...
>1. What's the most interesting spiritual topic you've studied in the last
>year? Most interesting book you've read?
>2. What was the most interesting service you rendered? The most successful?

Leading a meditation group with a mixture of beginners and more
experienced. Big learning experience for all, including the leader. Seeing
people recognise that something as deceptively simple as relaxation has a
spiritual possibility that can deepen to a whole-being encounter with the
one Life. Seeing a sense of group-ship :) develop during the year and a
half it's been going, and feeling the meditations getting more powerfully
in sync as people tune to each other. The many laughs during the meetings,
the sense of light and well-being afterwards. A few hints there - more
laughter and light would go down well in more of our meetings, methinks.


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