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Re: Lock-step mentality

Sep 20, 1999 02:34 AM
by hesse600

Kym wrote,
> Nor do I agree that approaching Theosophy with a "religious fervor" (as
 Microsoft's employees do) is a wise philosophy.  Too much
committment to something can make one blind and
unintentionally cruel.  One walks a fine line between
"religious fervor" and self-righteousness.

 Microsoft may have succeeded in securing material wealth,
pushing others out of business, and steering people like
sheep in the computer field, but they would make lousy
spiritual workers.  Spiritual "success" cannot necessarily
be counted in numbers - for if 90% of the whole world
thinks "wrongly" about issues of Compassion and
spirituality, it cannot be hailed as a "success."

 Microsoft's philosophy is good for Microsoft; but not
necessarily for Apple.  It is the same with Theosophy.>

Certainly, but I do want a TS where a person who does not
believe in reincarnation will feel as welkom as one who
does, and to achieve that, we need an open and therefore
democratic environment where criticism is as possible and
welkom as it is on this (and other) lists.


NHL Leeuwarden

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