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Re: Internet in India:TS-Adyar

Sep 14, 1999 06:21 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:23 AM 09/14/1999 +0200, hesse600 wrote:
>One question that is asked a lot, and people all over the
>world are worrying about, is the membership issue. People
>are worrying. And from the bottom up, the internet is
>getting into the TS.

In line with the democratic approach, where many things are done bottom up,
you are very perceptive in your observation. How else internet could get
in? It is a new technology that only current generation is really into it.
While some old folks are also into it, many either do not understand or
just ignore. Much of the leadership is old; they are set in their ways of
thinking and doing for a long time; One should not be surprised if they do
not understand Internet or do not know how to use it as a tool for theosophy.

When the French Revolution took place, it is the public driven by the
ideals that started it. Hopefully, in spite of the lack of participation
from the leadership, I hope the membership takes the use of Internet in
their hands and spread theosophy. It is already happening; look at the
maillists which are not owned or controlled by the organizations.

Internet may be the saviour of theosophy in the next millenium.


PS: I will respond later to your earliest msg.

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