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Re: To whom bell tolls

Jun 01, 1999 09:58 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

HPB were even for the E.S. not fit, as she smoked  - and smoking is
forbidden in the Adyar E.S...
I doubt that titles have had any importance to Annie Besant, as she is the
next Dhyani Chohan (Manu), and Manus are self-evidently not bound to such
low things:-)


> As for HPB, if she were to magically come back today, she may be able to
> join as a formal member and  will be shunned by everyone trained in the
> traditional ways. First and foremost would be her lack of formal
> scholarship -- she did not pass all the exams and get the titles to follow
> her name. Titles are very valued in TS. This is not new. When Besant was
> awarded Honorary Doctorate, from then on she used to be called Dr. Besant.
> Your msg should make all of us to lay aside our traditional modes of
> thinking and traditional values we all hold dear -- external appearances
> being very important in the modern world.
> ...mkr

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