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Jun 01, 1999 07:17 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Dallas:

Initially it was research and education which drove Internet. Now it is
commerce that is the driving force. Of course there are attempts to
muzzle the new medium. But the medium is expected to become so
widespread that it would be politically difficult to use tax and other
means to prevent some from being able to use it. However I am confident
that Powers be know all about these too well and the welfare of Humanity
would be served in the long run.

I was thinking about the implications of Evernet. Already video images
can be transmitted live and long distance calls are made on the
Internet. Soon I will be able to see you on my screen and communicate
via voice and video. A side effect would be lack of privacy. You cannot
hide behind an assumed name and try to communicate. When I am
communicating, I can ask you to turn on your video camera so that I can
see you as I type and so I know whom I am talking to and put a face on
the name. You may not need to visit your doctor. He may be able to check
you remotely and even monitor your vital signs round the clock if need
be. As the population ages, and mobility is reduced as one grows older,
much can be accomplished without physical travel. Possibilities are


"W. Dallas TenBroeck" wrote on theos-talk:

 June 1st

 Dear Doss:

 I think you are quite right in this evaluation.

 Perhaps this will become one of the best mediums for the
 diffusion of great ideas -- and one that cannot be strangled
 by those who may have "special interests."

 I however note that there appears to be some government and
 business interests that desire to place fresh taxes or fees
 on Internet usage.   I think this matter ought to be made
 clear to those who use this, so that its freedom will not
 become financially or otherwise restricted.

 Apparently the increasing usage at very low cost of this
 franchise is now attracting the hungry glance of those who
 might derive special profits from its existence.  I believe
 that any evidence of such encroachment ought to be
 advertised so that the already formidable power of numbers
 may be used wisely to counterbalance such restrictive

 Both government and private interests ought to be carefully
 and persistently monitored.


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