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Re: To whom bell tolls

Jun 08, 1999 00:21 AM
by hesse600

> As for HPB, if she were to magically come back today, she may be able to
> join as a formal member and  will be shunned by everyone trained in the
> traditional ways. First and foremost would be her lack of formal
> scholarship -- she did not pass all the exams and get the titles to follow
> her name. Titles are very valued in TS. This is not new. When Besant was
> awarded Honorary Doctorate, from then on she used to be called Dr. Besant.
I don't know. I think she would be very welcome as a 
lecturer. She was supposed to be quite good at that and 
though I do not know how it is elsewhere, but here in 
Holland the people lecturing are not usually formal 
scholars. In fact their names are not prefaced with their 
This may be due to the character of my country more than 
the character of the TS, but it is only natural that the 
sins of the country should be (partly) repeated in the 
national sections. How could it be otherwise.

NHL Leeuwarden

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