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Re: Digest 1252

Sep 23, 1997 04:40 PM
by Vincent Beall wrote:

> For Vincent: I read your Digest 1252 post and found it illuminating.  I fully
> agree with your observation "that our thoughts and actions in this life have
> the upper hand."  In other words, free will, right?
> NAMASTE to all  --  Dennis

What we are free to choose or desire is modified by the events of the
past; the complete events not just our own "actions". Our actions in the
present, however, are not at all completely 'determined' by the past. 

We should consider the past, *Karma* etc., but what the present is about
is the future, and we are to modify that future in the present with the
application of "will" to use Blavatsky's term, or with "intent" from
Castaneda; prayer. The reason that we are not constantly willing,
intending, praying, is that ordinary consciousness is isolated from the
Astral Light of history; past, present, future.

The higherself is the sensory self having the experience of history as
complete in the present; history is complete at any given moment as the
sumation of all desired, willed, intended, prayed for outcomes.

It is our intentions that form events, and what we intend without doubt,
what we hold as ordinary 'thoughtless' certainty, forms the moments that
we live in. When Blavatsky says that the Theosophist "wills" changes in
the world, the whole effort is to bring the 'object' within
consciousness to a reflection on an "ordinary thoughtless certainty". It
is a struggle with self that when won produces the magical result. 

Most souls on this earth never contemplate the thick soup of doubt that
they are constantly submerged in. To modify the world with our
intentions carries with it  ontological fear. It has been said, "Be
carefull what you pray for.", but that by no means should mean that we
should avoid all such experience. We should "master what we pray for".
When your thought has had an immediate and profound effect, you have
arrived; reborn from the wind.


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