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Re: Baghavan Das

Sep 24, 1997 07:18 AM
by ramadoss

I visited your website and read the Bhagvan Das material.

Bhagvan Das was very active in TS all his life and his son Sri Prakasa was
well known in Indian Politics and served several terms as State Governor, an
appointed position.

Both Bhagvan Das and Sri Prakasa both highly regarded Annie Besant. While
Sri Prakasa was a Governor, his official residence was always open to
members of the TS and one has just to go to the entrance and mention that
you are a TS member, you get to go in. 

In spite of all the litigation that went in and all the complaints we have
heard about Annie Besant and her actions, almost everyone who has written
about her are agreed about how kind a person she was.

Just thought I should add my 2 cents worth.


At 08:26 PM 9/19/97 -0400, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>I have uploaded to the website below the file Hinducol.txt (41,395
>bytes) being an *expose* of Annie Besant and the Esoteric Section of the
>T.S. [Adyar] vis-a-vis the Central Hindu College in India in 1913.
>Bhagavan Das was formerly the General Secretary of the Indian Section of
>the T.S.

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