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Digest 1253

Sep 24, 1997 08:20 AM
by DSArthur

For Vincent:  I find myself in complete agreement with your comments
concerning Free Will (in Digest 1253) ... with perhaps one exception.  You
wrote: <It is our intentions that form events.>  It seems to me that
intentions *influence* events but are only one component of their formation.
 Activity (which includes intent) is the actual cause.

For Jerry:  I would say that we do not so much seek incarnation on this plane
of existence "in order to learn" as we do "in order to experience."  What we
learn (and how long it may take us to learn it) appears IMHO to be largely
dependent on what we experience and how we experience it.  And I agree with
your comment suggesting that it is silly to contemplate needing thousands of
lives in order to learn, say, compassion.  OTOH, I have known some people
(and probably so have you) that may well require dozens.
   NAMASTE  -- Dennis

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