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digest 1252

Sep 24, 1997 08:56 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Chuck: (sorry - but I can't resist)  you citate: "... face-to-face with
S a t a n..."
Who is that? and what does he do in "Heaven"?

"... firm in the belief that the eternal punishment is undeserved, the
result of
simple bureaucratic error on the part of heavenly officials."
Why does this so sound like the misunderstood meaning of the word "karma"?

To Vincent: "As a child I was aware of having three past lives, which came
to me as innate knowledge and also some visual recollections. I have never
found any true
evidence that my life is ruled by those past lives."...
You speek out of my soul here - I see it exactly the same way.

"This is a disturbing feature of "Karma"; that emnity from past life
events can be echoed in the present, and in this mans case he was nearly
complelled to repeat his complete actions".
Could you please help me here, I have difficutlies to understand this. If you
see it the way you do write in the first sample, where does the echo come from?

Nicole Suter

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