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Re: digest 1252

Sep 24, 1997 10:38 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-09-24 12:03:17 EDT, you write:

>To Chuck: (sorry - but I can't resist)  you citate: "... face-to-face with
>S a t a n..."
>Who is that? and what does he do in "Heaven"?
>"... firm in the belief that the eternal punishment is undeserved, the
>result of
>simple bureaucratic error on the part of heavenly officials."
>Why does this so sound like the misunderstood meaning of the word "karma"?

I'm gratified to be given the credit, but I didn't write the piece.  I simply
copied it from an occult humor list I'm on.

Chuck the Heretic

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