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Re: Karma and the Victorian Mind

Sep 24, 1997 10:26 AM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> No, they won't do anything near as sensible as that.  What they will do is
> have models of THE PATTERN all over the frigging place and do silly dancing
> around them.

	I have noted that there has been no arbitrary (as opposed to with
cause) TS bashing on this list, lately. I assume that your initial
statement (about the New Age reaching TSA) was not arbitrary, but it
WOULD help to know what you are talking about.

	At the New York Lodge, we occasionally have public lectures which we
feel will attract people who, if they knew about Theosophy, would be
attracted to it, not unlike the way H. P. Blavatsky recruited among the
Spiritualists. Our local term, coined by Ed Abdill, is
"glow-in-the-dark" lectures, based on his statement that people want to
see a lecturer stand on the podium, turn off the lights, and glow in the
dark. We do require that such lectures at least have a theosophical
basis, however. For those who wish to give a program that goes farther
afield, but is not against us, we also offer rentals of space (which do
not go into our public program). For example, this fall we have a
lecture on "Your Astrological Chart and the Hidden Key to Your Higher
Self"; not exactly a talk on Theosophy, but those who are interested in
the concept of a "higher self" have a higher likelihood of being
attracted to Theosophy than those who are not.

	Bart Lidofsky

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