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Immediate Punishing & Learning

Sep 23, 1997 04:14 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Your rationale would suggest that
>they should have received their punishment (cancer) immediately as a
>of their action (heavy smoking) and not many decades later. But the
>in my view,  cares not at all about your rationale or mine.  It is the way
>that it is and we must learn and accept its parameters... and suffer the
>consequences in the process.  

If what you say here is true, then the universe cares not a wit whether
we learn anything here or not--which is exactly what I have been trying
to say. If the universe was set up as a learning institution or school,
as many occult folks like to say--TS folks included--then effects would
follow causes a whole lot faster. Since they dont, as you point out, then
perhaps we are not here to learn lessons at all. Please think about it.
Maybe there is another reason?

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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