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Karma & The Purpose of Life

Sep 23, 1997 04:03 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Probably this idea explains the general resistance to a sowing and reaping
>interpretation of karma.  I wouldn't say that God punishes, but rather
>His/Her law corrects.  If you bang your fist into a wall and it hurts, do
>blame the wall or say that the wall is punishing you?  No, you have
>the painful aspect of the law of impenetrability.

Yes, I think the "resistance" is the result of plain common sense and 
observation. I agree that the Law corrects, and I usually think of karma
itself as a balancing action. However, I do not believe in a personal or
anthropromorphic God who punishes and rewards, such as Jehovah
is pictured (as Jung wrote, such a God as described in the Bible is 

The problem, as I see it, is the notion that we are here to learn
Yes, if you bang your fist into a wall it hurts. The punishment is instant
and consistant. So, how many times do we hit the wall till we learn not
to?  When reward or punishment is swift and constant, learning takes
place pretty quick. Well, we are said to have been evolving for many
manvantaras, and I don't see where we have learned a whole lot yet.
The whole business of us coming into manifestation to learn lessons,
while appealing to our human sense of purpose and meaning, is
ridiculous and childishly naive, IMHO. I am always dismayed to find
people of such stature and understanding as G de Purucker giving
out this kind of stuff. This is the kind of thing we tell our children,
Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Its easy to understand, and kind of
gives us a sense of purpose. But when we really think about it, its
patently absurd to suggest that we need thousands of lifetimes to
learn such a simple thing as compassion. 

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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