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Re: Immediate Punishing & Learning

Sep 24, 1997 05:45 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Jerry Schueler
<> writes
>If the universe was set up as a learning institution or school,
>as many occult folks like to say--TS folks included--then effects would
>follow causes a whole lot faster. Since they dont ...... then
>perhaps we are not here to learn lessons at all. Please think about it.
>Maybe there is another reason?

Opinion: This world (Earth) is a school. A prep school.  Here we learn
things we shall need for the next life, which is not necessarily on this
Earth at all, as there is little evidence to support this notion.  The
whole theory {note *theory*} or reincarnation and karma is still based
(in most TS circles) upon the flawed CWL/Besant model.

My two-penn'orth.


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