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Re: Digest 1252

Sep 23, 1997 02:51 PM
by kymsmith

Dennis wrote:

>Frankly, your
>several posts on this issue lead me to feel that what is really making you
>uncomfortable is not so much my "putting words in God's mouth" as my
>promulgating the concept that you are your brother's (and sister's) keeper.

That's an interesting observation, since I have been accused more than once
on this list as being a "bleeding-heart liberal" - you know us, we want to
take care of (or "keep") everybody.  But I accept the fact that not everyone
reads my posts, or pays them much mind - as is evident in your above
statement.  'Tis ok, though. 

> I suspect that, deep down, you feel just being Kym Smith's keeper is all you
>can manage to deal with right now.

Oooh, good one!  I'm impressed - really.  However, why is it that those of
us who claim to know God also have readily available words to crush our
brothers and sisters, and have no compunction against using them?  I find it
fun, and it does temporarily build my self-esteem - but, is it right?  Ah,
who cares. . .  

By the way, what makes you think my last name is Smith?  There are many
names with Smith in them that are not Smith; such as Smithson, Smithy, etc.
. .  

And you have a snappy good day, Dennis.


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