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Digest 1252

Sep 23, 1997 11:22 AM
by DSArthur

For Jerry S. who wrote: <Lynn, your idea is not quite true.  We are, in fact,
more than human and so can out-distance our collective karma>  I reply: quite
possibly true in an imperfect universe ... but not in a perfect one.  Why?
 Because we can only "out-distance" things that are outside of us. You see,
we are not inside of a perfect universe; a perfect universe is inside of us.
 More than that, in a perfect universe there isn't (at the very core of
being) any "us."  There is only "ME" ... and I can never out-distance ME.
 Couched in dualistic (and, therefore, mayan) terms, this statement would
read: we can never out-distance us.

For Titus: I read your posts ... and see the echo of my own thoughts.  So
(for the benefit of all of us) let me ask your conception of the universe,
Titus.  Is it perfect or not?

For Kym:  It has never been my intention to put words in God's mouth "to
bolster my opinion."  I do so (and I'd guess so do you when you really stop
to think about it) in order to define concepts.  For example: I strongly
believe that I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER.  I don't believe that implying (as I
surely did) that the Bible should have recorded God as having said so alters
this conception in any way.  You also said (in Digest 1252): <Are you saying
since putting words in God's mouth is "fairly standard practice in our
society" that that justifies your use of it?>  I reply: yes, Kym, I do ...
provided, of course, that I clearly point out (as I did in my post) that the
words are my own even though I feel they should be God's also.  Frankly, your
several posts on this issue lead me to feel that what is really making you
uncomfortable is not so much my "putting words in God's mouth" as my
promulgating the concept that you are your brother's (and sister's) keeper.
 I suspect that, deep down, you feel just being Kym Smith's keeper is all you
can manage to deal with right now.

For Vincent: I read your Digest 1252 post and found it illuminating.  I fully
agree with your observation "that our thoughts and actions in this life have
the upper hand."  In other words, free will, right?
NAMASTE to all  --  Dennis    

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