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Re: Divine Right

Sep 07, 1997 02:20 PM
by techndex

At 05:38 PM 9/4/97 -0400, Kym wrote:

>Imagining a world without Princess Diana seems an almost impossible task.
>And the work of integrating this wretched truth takes a particular form, as
>often throughout the day, I feel I've forgotten or neglected to do
>something.  Maybe Saturday night, the viewing of her funeral will open what
>is trying to stay shut.

Hi Kym,

I too felt a horrendous personal grief at the death of Princess Di. Though
I knew that I had long admired her, I just didn't know how much she meant
to me until she died. I viewed her funeral early Saturday morning, then
viewed it again in its entirety when it was re-telecast later on Saturday.
(My sister has me beat with having watched it entirely three times.) I
still don't feel the sense of closure that I was hoping for. Perhaps with
>I wonder what it means, or what happens, to someone who has died and was so
>loved by the world.  Was Princess Diana "planned?"  Will all the love and
>grief expressed over her death alter her "journey?"

I think that Princess Diana was a highly evolved spirit who incarnated for
an express purpose. Actually two purposes. One was to express the principle
of compassion by incarnating into such a position that she would be world
famous where that compassion would reach millions. Her example will at
least inspire some people to follow which I would expect would create a
ripple effect. Another purpose, IMHO, was to start the transformation of
the royal family if it indeed still serves some type of karmic purpose.
(I'm not sure.)

I've read somewhere that expressions of grief from those left behind on the
physical plane can delay the process of one's journey through the Devachan.
However, I suspect it has a lot to do with the entity involved, if true.
Some entities would simply cast off their lower vehicles more quickly than
others, IMHO.

>And I wonder if the
>opening of so many hearts has altered our future - the world, for however
>short a period of time, seems united. . .have we taken another "step". . .or
>is this really, in the scheme of things, nothing to get worked up about. . .?

I've been wondering about this too quite a bit. In fact, this seems to be
Princess Di's one last gift to the world, at least for this incarnation. I
think that the unity, even if temporary, is a step ahead for humanity.
Every good thought, every good deed, has a lasting effect, whether that is
for an individual or for larger groups. Even though the world is likely to
apparently return to its old ways, there will be some who move ahead, in
however tiny a step, and this advances the evolution of humanity as a
whole, I believe. So, in a way, it isn't something to get worked up about
because we may not be able to discern the change. OTOH, on subtler levels
it may be something to get worked up about because small changes may be
apparent on those levels. ;-D
>I know, right now, one thing for sure. . .I deeply miss someone I've never
>met, and it hurts.

Indeed!!! I agree with you totally!


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