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Re: Di and Mother T

Sep 07, 1997 02:31 PM
by techndex

At 06:04 PM 9/5/97 -0400, Keith wrote:
>Well we now have two icons gone.  Two holes in the pantheon.  There will be 
>replacements from generation X, but if there music is a preview, I am
afraid I 
>will be as disdainful as QEII.
>No doubt, Mother Teresa, is closer to being the IDEAL of the early 
>theosophists, but I never EVER hearing of HPB taking to the slums of India
>help the poor, so that let's us off the hook, doesn't it??

Hi Keith,

I don't think that it either puts us on the hook or let's us off of it. But
actually, you answered this possibly rhetorical question below. ;-D

<friendly snip>

>Mother T and Di really can't be compared, except as representative of 
>successful women who tried to help humanity.  Mother T was more direct and
>her hands dirty, but I really think Di's longterm impact will be longer in 
>memorials for AIDS childrena and other charities.  The poor will always be 
>with us, but you don't get a go-getter like Di everyday.

Now there's the answer to your earlier statement. There are many ways to
serve humanity, IMHO. Mother T and Princess Di simply chose two different
ways to do it, both of them essential.   

>I think Mother T was more holy, more spiritual, but Di was more complete.
>would have made a good archetype in a Jungian study of the anima alive in
>World.  Now she is alive in the World Soul.

Mother T may have been more obviously spiritual. But without being privy to
Di's innermost thoughts, we really don't know for sure. She expressed such
a spontaneous form of compassion that was apparent not only in her
fundraisers, speeches, etc. but in how she so often touched and stroked
people, I suspect that it's the result of a strong inner life, if not in
this incarnation, in a preceding one. I love your statement about her being
alive in the World Soul.
>I think they are good icons for the old and stodgy puritan spiriuality and
>new effervesing and effervesent Aquarian (media to the tits!) spirituality. 

I think there is still much to be said for Mother Theresa's expression of
spirituality as well as the Aquarian form. We need both.


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