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Re: Divine Right

Sep 04, 1997 02:37 PM
by kymsmith

Keith wrote:

>Now it is Di to dust as it will be for us 
>all.  I cried and cried.  Something special is gone that is larger than life 
>and death!  Di you were the Lady divine.

Imagining a world without Princess Diana seems an almost impossible task.
And the work of integrating this wretched truth takes a particular form, as
often throughout the day, I feel I've forgotten or neglected to do
something.  Maybe Saturday night, the viewing of her funeral will open what
is trying to stay shut.

I wonder what it means, or what happens, to someone who has died and was so
loved by the world.  Was Princess Diana "planned?"  Will all the love and
grief expressed over her death alter her "journey?"  And I wonder if the
opening of so many hearts has altered our future - the world, for however
short a period of time, seems united. . .have we taken another "step". . .or
is this really, in the scheme of things, nothing to get worked up about. . .?

I know, right now, one thing for sure. . .I deeply miss someone I've never
met, and it hurts.


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