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DIvine Right

Sep 04, 1997 12:14 PM

Nobody talks about the divine right of royalty anymore.  It was a more unified 
world for the ancients.  The Rishis and pharohs could claim divine ancesors, 
connection with the gods or God.

So many are asking why Princess Diana's death means so much to so many, 
especially outside the UK.  I think she was a rare echo of the Divine 
Feminine, that the feminine side of royalty is supposed to represent.

She was emotional, sensitive and had her flaws, but she was always ready to 
prune her branches and bloom again and get back to charity work or playing 
with the kids, her own and those with AIDS.  She was a representative of the 
Shekinah, to me.  The feminine image of god, on flawed clay, our seventh and 
lowest globe, Malkuth and Mylba.  Now it is Di to dust as it will be for us 
all.  I cried and cried.  Something special is gone that is larger than life 
and death!  Di you were the Lady divine.

Keith Price

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