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Re: Divine Right

Sep 08, 1997 03:57 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>I too felt a horrendous personal grief at the death of Princess Di. Though
>I knew that I had long admired her, I just didn't know how much she meant
>to me until she died. I viewed her funeral early Saturday morning, then
>viewed it again in its entirety when it was re-telecast later on Saturday.
>(My sister has me beat with having watched it entirely three times.) I
>still don't feel the sense of closure that I was hoping for. Perhaps with

Nor do I (feel the sense of closure). TV estimates that in the UK around
31.5 *million* people watched the funeral live. As we have a population
of around 55 million, then if you discount all the younger children,
then just about the whole nation were watching.  The Pincess Diana
Memorial Fund which was immediately set up to support her favorite
charities has already reeived millions of UK pounds, and today donations
were still coming in at seven thousand pounds *an hour* ...


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