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Sep 05, 1997 05:09 AM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

I can really only say a few short things regarding Di and the possible
reasons, if it was "planned", for her death.

This occurance has done two major things, I think.  First, it has shown us
different aspects of the media, and how much impact it has on our lives.
A nation, particularly in America, doesn't really know anything other than
what they are told by their investigative reporters.  Anything beyond that
usually needs to be experianced first-hand, particularly when it comes to
people.  The recent investigations conducted by world-wide media started
out as looking for someone else to blame.  It was so obvious that they
were doing so by concentrating on the drunk driver, that they received
many accusations.  Their reaction was to say, more or less, "Well, it was
kind of our fault."  I say "kind of" because they are holding to the fact
that the photographers were not really the media....  Please excuse my
language, but that is bullshit.  The photographers got paid, handsomely,
for doing what they did, and the payment didn't come from other
photographers, it came from the media in general.  I'm sorry if I sound
harsh, and I'm sure many will probably think I am over-reacting or not
looking at both sides of the coin, but as more and more of this case
unfolds, I get more and more angry.  I very rarely get angry.

Anyhow, I think it has opened many peoples eyes, even wider, to the fact
that the media does not tell the whole truth.  They leave little bits and
pieces out so that it either 1) benefits them, or 2) benefits governments
and/or politicians.

In this light, I think one of Tom's points is very appropriate with his
rebuttal on feminist principle and reasoning.  The media hides
information.  Of course they do.  Govenment special interest groups get
loads of money, I'm sure, for women's rights.  If the media were to start
telling the truth, (if Tom's information is accurate, which may not be,
but I'll explain that in another post), all of those special interest
groups would get nothing, because no politician in his right mind would
stand for it.

..Ok, calming down now...

The second most important "reason", IMHO, is that it has given people the
oppurtunity to see that one person truly can influence the world in a good
way.  Of course Di had her problems, but that made her more real.  If she
had been perfect, people would say, "I could never be like her."  Because
she was a real person, which we were able to see (thanks to the media I
suppose), we can look at ourselves and say, "Yeah, we can do something
good with our lives."  Her death made everyone pay attention to her deeds,
which is probably what the media should have been doing all along, instead
of trying to find out who her next boyfriend was going to be.

Ok, I'm done rambling.

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