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Re: Di.

Sep 05, 1997 08:56 AM
by Tom Robertson

Jaqi wrote:

>I can really only say a few short things regarding Di and the possible
>reasons, if it was "planned", for her death.
>This occurance has done two major things, I think.  First, it has shown us
>different aspects of the media, and how much impact it has on our lives.

Another thing it has shown is the tendency to irrationally find
scapegoats when there is a tragedy.  To imply that the photographers
were anywhere near as responsible as the driver was is insane.  It is
similar to the Martin Pang case.  On January 5, 1995, there was an
arson fire in Seattle, in which 4 firefighters died.  Mr. Pang was not
only accused of lighting the fire, but, except for fleeing to Brazil
and avoiding it through a legal technicality, would have been charged
with the murder of the firefighters as well!  What did he do that
other arsonists didn't do who lit fires in which no firefighters died?
Apparently, this policy of charging those who commit felonies with
murder if anyone dies while they are committing their felonies has
been around for centuries.  Here is a clear case in which emphasizing
intention and probability should supercede tradition.

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